5 dentist appointments in 4 weeks.. ugh

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I love dark mori clothes it’s like goth hobbit

Goals: Goth Hobbit

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This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

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Coastal strega fashion though

-Washed out and tattered clothing

-Thick baggy cardigans to warm you up after a soggy trip to the beach

- Shell pendants

- Woven anklets and bare feet to walk on the sand

-Windswept hair and chapped lips

- Woven string charm bracelets because metal ones would be eaten away by the salt water

-Fabric hand wraps to to fight off the cold

-A big loose scarf to cover your mouth so you don’t swallow as much salt water

- Smelling like beach bonfires and salt

Oooh I am into this… Might give it a go if that’s ok?


Vero Moda knit poncho, H&M tank top & skirt, Spirit shoes.

Amazing ! It’s so simple and yet the texture mixing and layers just makes it so interesting! :)

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Mori Girl 30 day challenge!

Day 2: Who is/are your mori girl idols? who inspires your fashion?

I have a lot of ways to find inspiration, but three persones are my faves.

First one is my friend Daria (http://morirabbits.tumblr.com/). She is very kind and gentle person, but in the same time she is very passionate and clever. I like her style and way of life. She has a lot of things and qualities, which I want to have, but haven’t. And she is so kind, that fully share them with me, so I feel myself better person. And she has a perfect taste!

Second one is http://shortcuttothestars.tumblr.com/

She makes amazing looks, very inspiring. I like the way she dresses and uses accessorises, and some of her posts reflects my opinions and way of life. She is very cool!

The third one is DearLi model, I don’t know her name. She is very-very beautiful, perfect girl to show mori fasion. I don’t like DearLi much, they use non natural fabric and too expensive, but the girl… She’s amazing!

thank you <3 I am very honored!

How to feel witchy today


I need a good dose of feeling fabulous and feared. The weather is far, far, far too hot for ten tons of black layers and a hat, so I’m thinking of other ways to get that wonderful witchy/powerful/revered/strong feeling:

1. Wear your favorite jewelry - the more, the better. Small tokens will remind you of where you have been before.

2. Wear clothing that is comfortable for the weather - maybe with a pair of amazing shoes. Even though it’s too hot for boots, I’m wearing them anyway, and I’ll change into sandals for the ride home from work.

3. Always be kind. Remember, you are powerful no matter how kind you are. Remember that other people have their own crap they’re dealing with.

4. Do several yoga stretches during the day. My favorites are mountain pose, proud warrior pose (especially if you can do it in secret, maybe not best for work), and sun salutations!

5. Breathe deeply and focus on your inner magic. I don’t believe in Magic magic, or anything non-scientific really, but I find my own magic in the wonder of the universe and the stars, the beauty of nature, and the power of my own consciousness.

6. Go for a walk and find something small to take delight in. I love green plants, and every time I’m outside I try to find the one green plant that grows somewhere really strange - in gravel, up the side of a building, through a fence. Bonus points if you take the time to sketch or describe what you see in your journal (that you always keep with you, of course).

7. Remember: Halloween is coming!

Gonna definitely do all of these today!

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Tree of Gondor tank arrived and it is PERFECT! It is so soft and the print is done just the way I like it: completely dyed into the fabric (no nasty stiff plastic) and not 100% ultra black (would look bad on the tank and fade immediately). I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of both print and shirt and will definitely be bying something from them again!
Buy this and other geeky shirts here

Oh yeah and this skirt is just so yummy I adore it <3 It’s thrifted and then upcycled and added to and messed up by me :)



Just Breathe Dress - Ever After

Beautiful dress

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^ If you needed any more proof that Bo Burnham is the cat’s pajamas

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by sacraluna

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Title: Drømde mik en drøm i nat Artist: National Museum of Denmark 23,481 plays



For people who are actually interested in how viking music might have sounded, “Drømde mik en drøm i nat" (/I dreamt a dream last night) is the earliest music (and lyrics) known in Scandinavia preserved on the last page of the (~1200-1300) Codex Runicus as rune notes.

The song and melody is still known and used today in most of Scandinavia, as a sort of folk-standard. This version, deceivingly slow in the beginning, is presented as close to the original sound of the years 900-1000 as historians think they can come.

This song might have survived because it was a gigantic hit, like the viking’s very own “Billie Jean”. A total pop slayer that stayed around long enough for music notes to be invented.

The more you know.

Cool as hell

This is amongst my favorite pieces of heritage <3 It’s so cool that the title still makes perfect sense in modern Danish with only one letter different! I feel so blessed to have such ancient roots and the possibility to connect with them <3 And it’s a really pretty piece too

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