Check out my thrift haul!

Eep too cute!! And you mention meeeee <3 <3. And you  pronounced my name right *______* yay for Dutch and Danish having similar sounds!
Your dark mori finds are awesome, so jelly of that crochet top! We’ll have to dress up and go thrifting when I visit <3


Costume designed by Adrian for Maria Ouspeskaya in Conquest (1937)

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That feelin when your cat presses ‘home’ on your keyboard when you’ve been going through your dash for 1+hour

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Anonymous asked: 1800+ notes proves your feet are adorable gifts to the earth they walk upon <3

Mah lil’ pidgeons <3

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today’s been the first proper warm day in finland this year

men walking around shirtless

women sunbathing in bikinis

everyone complaining about how hot it is

it’s 17°C

Literally this xD Denmark is exactly the same, 18 degress on Sunday and I started complaining about how hot it was

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I made a flower crown tutorial!

Go check it out :)

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goblinthreads masterpost

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I visited shortcuttothestars today to celebrate her birthday on Sunday (remember to wish her a happy birthday everyone <3) and we had a super fun time and talked for hours and laughed and went thrift shopping and it was great!

Jsk: Innocent World
Cardigan and stockings: H&M
Bow: Baby
Necklace: Meta
Collar: Made and owned by Mai


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From when I went out to get groceries earlier <3

Is.. is this a picture of my feet with 1800+ notes??

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Do you mind me asking what size you are in clothing? I love mori kei but I can't seem to layer properly. I always end up looking rather fat because of my large chest and hips. Thanks!

No problem :) I feel your pain, I am very hour glass shaped and I have to be very careful with my layering so I don’t drown out my waist completely x) I am number of sizes due to my “weird” shape, everywhere from a UK 8 (US 4) to a UK 12 (US 8), so I’ll just list my measurements instead:

Bust: 92cm
Waist: 71cm
Hips: 90cm

I am 170cm tall/5’7”

So I have a really hard time finding dresses that fit both my bust and waist x) Hooray for back shirring!

My advice to you is to always showcase either your waist, arms or legs. Wear a sweater that’s oversize but has skinny sleeves, or layer excessively on your upper body but stop mid thigh and wear tights :)
You can also wear a belt at your waist, but I personally have a hard time making it work with mori.
A trick I use all the time is low, round necklines, like this:


They’re great because you can wear tons of layers and a maxi skirt and still showcase your shape :) And the neck is a very pretty and feminine spot I think. You can accentuate it even more with a pretty necklace :)

Hope I helped <3

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Trying out this lovely Slytherin-green dress that I thrifted yesterday - it’s 100% silk! And it was 8 dollars x)

Everything is thrifted


i just realised jesus faked his death for more followers

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I love to thrift and I would love to do it more, but I find it really exhausting. I find I can spend very little time looking around before I get tired and want to go home. Do you have any tips for this would-be thrifter?

Well.. You have to find it fun to spend a lot of time on it I guess? But maybe you could do it online instead, like on ASOS maket place or Etsy? I find that a lot less exhausting than doing it irl :)

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My outfit from the mori/lolita meetup is up! Click through for outfit details and talking about how mori girls are like onions.

Got the most amazing letter from <3

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