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hedgefairy answered to your post“I sometimes feel like dark mori should be called something else, only…”
I also know it by the name “strega”, which is the Italian word for “witch” (and it has a really nice ring to it).
Ooh I like that!! I love how it has European roots and neither the word ‘goth’ or ‘mori’ is involved :)
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I sometimes feel like dark mori should be called something else, only because it has next to no ties to the japanese fashion.
It’s much more of a pagan European boho look, a witch gone live in the forest <3 I though about some sort of fairy tale/witch/pagan goth, but it doesn’t really have any ties to the goth community either, at least not to the music as far as I know..
I’ve never seen it in japanese magazines or street snaps?
It’s so cool how styles evolve like that in different cultures!
Of course it doesn’t matter at all what you call it, I was just talking to porcelainsong and realized this :)

What do you think it should be called?

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These two skirts are so perfect on top of each other <3 Doing a whole lotta cleaning today..

Jacket from H&M
Everything else is thrifted

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get-out-of-my-assbutt asked: Could you possibly throw together a few boyish mori sets? Something similar to what your boyfriend was wearing a few days ago? I really love love love the look of your style, but it is frillier than I usually wear. Thank you so much, you're an icon!

Thank you for your kind words <3 I’ll make another one sure, but please remember to check my polyvore before asking, I get this a lot and I’ve made quite a few sets :)

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just-another-dreamqueen-bithead asked: Before anyone asks shortcuttothestars what Hama means... Hama (ocean) kei is a lot like Mori kei but ocean and beach inspired. There is also Yama (mountain) kei which is more of a cute practical, modern, outdoorsy type of clothes.

^follower of the year <3

datasooong asked: Could you do a polyvore set for an oversized men's shirt in hama kei? :)

Sure, hama is so cute <3

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Fooling around with elf stuff trying to ignore the fact that I will never be tall enough to look like a proper elf (im’ 5,2 feet/158 cm)

I need prosthetic pointy ears so bad…


- Seraphim -

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Changed my theme for the first time since I joined pretty much

Like it much better now <3