Newest design: oversized (!) black maxi dress with extra-long sleeves and hood. I really like this one, but unfortunately I feel like I can’t really have it be both oversize, full length, long sleeve AND hodded. It kinda makes it appear like a cultist robe, especially when it is not given a bit of shape by the bag (own design as well) that I’m wearing here… I think I’ll remove the hood and give it bigger neck cut-out (? what do you call it in English?) so that it shows a bit of collar-bone. I think I’ll re-use the hood for another piece that will look a exactly like this but a lot shorter (long shirt, short dress length)
I would really like some feedback if you’ve got the time, sorry for the wall of text <3

1 year ago on 03/11/13 at 03:17pm
  1. melancholywaltz said: Sorry, have no feedback to give as how to alter it..because I love how it looks! I can totally see this with a slightly shorter (but still long), very assymetric sleeveless vest in a dark grey on top to give it a bit of shape.
  2. fluffyasparagus said: Ah, I think it’s a good idea to remove the hood as it looks like a monk’s robe at the moment ^^ I would like to have a long dress with long sleeves as well.. It’s hard to find these and I envy you! Wish I could sew my own clothes as well :D
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