Since people are asking, this is the amount of leg hair I have. It’s really not that bad, but it’s definitely visible against my pale skin. I have gotten a few comments so far this summer, but none that were too bad :)

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  6. geekwithsandwich said: that’s about how much I have! I’ve never gotten any comments, amazingly enough, but I have to say it does look kind of weird when I wear sheer tights. :/
  7. captaindibbzy said: My let hair’s like that.
  8. thereallockerelf said: I have been wanting to stop shaving so badly. I love your bravery! <3
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  10. hicchanpicchan said: Mine are even darker, and I really don’t have the courage to show my bare legs, I’m terrified of anyone seeing. I admire you!
  11. groundhippie said: And doesn’t it feel good when a breeze comes by? Glad you aren’t shaving either. What a waste of time lol!
  12. savethewolvescampaign said: yes!!! hairy ladies unite!!!